Counseling, Consultation, and Referral will be made available to females, and in some cases to father(s), facing unplanned pregnancies or those dealing with post abortion emotional pain, trauma, guilt, and other feelings associated with abortion.

Sidewalk counseling will involve those called to assist the McAllen Pregnancy Center in its efforts to educate women about their choices. This will be done at least once a month for those who volunteer to assist.

In addition, services from a licensed professional counselor (LPC) will be made available to assist the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat team. This four-day retreat is conducted at least twice a year.

Counseling support groups will be conducted to help persons cope with disabling grief and mourning following the death of loved ones. This counseling will provide a means for a healthy resolution through the expression of emotions, including sadness, anger, anxiety, guilt, isolation and confusion. These will be offered twice a year. Consultation and referrals will be made available on an on-going basis according to needs of individuals and services already available in other settings.

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